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So yes, it is true. Really. The winter in Norway is amazing. There is nothing like the northern light coloring the black sky like a hyper zenmaster going bananas on his kaligrafiworkshop.

But also the stars glittering back on the snowcrystals in the moonlight is an unforgettable experience.

Northern light in Volda, the municipality to which Bjørkedal belong - november 2023

View from the veranda on Moritsgarden on a cold wintermorning in march 23

Still, the winter in Norway is also freezing cold, it is dark and the loneliness in each of us gets clearer.

For next winter we are planning to keep Moritsgarden open for digital nomads. There is a lot of planning that has to be done though, as we know that not all of you are really prepared for this. But if you sincerely mean that you can endure a month or four of cold, dark and isolated norwegian winter, let us know. It is important that you have been thinking this through though. We do not know how big the tribe will be, and it is also very important that each is ready, not only to experience for yourself, but to be part of making the winter a positive and rewarding experience for the smaller group that will stay over winter.

Bjørkedal is perfect for wintersports. We have a fantastic crosscountry slope just 6 kilometers from Bjørkedal. There are also several skijumping and alpine skilifts within an hour drive. The lake often freeze in winter so that you can ice skate, and also in the mountainlakes this is popular for us locals.

iceskating on Moritzhavet, named after Moritsgarden up in the summerbarns belonging to the village. Photo by Hans Peter Eidseflot

But the westcoast of Norway is known for changing weathers. So you can experiene rain in winter and snow in summer. The expectations has to be low, and you have to be willing to flow with the nature when you come here.

Not everyone is as tough as Blandine from France. She cycled from Northcape and through scandinavia down back to Europe this winter. We were so happy to lodge her for some wonderful days.

Blandines new scarf is one of Margit Yndestads wonderful knittings. Good to have when you head for the road

In mid march we open up again. keep in touch. We are so looking forward to filling the house with people, laughter, food and good spirits in the exciting year to come.

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