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Be part of our wild Norwegian dream

Anne Bjørkedal host at Moritsgarden Coliving

Anne Bjørkedal is the founder and CEO of Moritsgarden. 



1000 years of history
- new thinking into the future


We are social beeings. We get inspired by each other. We also need space. And designated space - for work, for social life, for solitude. 

The nomadic life is about collecting information and about sharing information.

Rural life is more than a lifestyle. Today it is a choice, a political and philosophical choice.

Creativity springs out of stillness. Stillness springs out of a creative mind that is in flow with the surroundings.

Happiness is art. To be happy is art. But happiness only exists inside balance and contentment.  Our vision is to create a society where our bodies can remember the blueprint of life. A society where we all own out space and respect while feeling the happiness that only exist in the coexistece with others. At the same time as we keep one foot in the outside world. #Slowbreathfastnet

friendship, nature and values of life in Norway

Anne is the owner of Moritsgarden. A farm and land where her family has lived back with a written history back to 1100. Maybe traveling is a born in security valve to not get too rigid, to start to observe outside our little spot on earth. 

Besides journalism and writing 5 novels, Anne has lived partly in Hungary for the last 20 years. She also enjoys traveling, and especially in the eastern parts of Europe. 

Moritsgarden was rented out, but last year it came to a point when we all had to see the time was come to fulfill the plans that have been there for 40 years. To create a society for nomads, for people coming and going and staying as if we have always been here.  This was Anne's vision already as a child. Moritsgarden is not a family house. It is a community house. Put to gether from several smaller houses for several families to live in a compound. Today's society with core families does not suit the house. With her little clan today we are making the place ready to welcome digital nomads, travelers and seekers.


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