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Festivals and Gatherings

The coast people are loners, but we still love to come together for gatherings. Maybe there is a logic to it. If you like festivals, of any kind, here are some of the events going on this summer near Moritsgarden

Malakoff. Nordfjordeid. july 19-20

Since this festival started as a studentproject some 20 years ago, it has grown steadily. There is a special vibe to Malakoff. Grandmothers help as volunteers and the audience is a friendly crowd that loves the feeling of beeing a flock enjoying the music, the spectacular surrounings and the laidback temperament of the Nordfjord people. Last year more than 30 000 people visited. And Nordfjordeid is just a 15 min ride by car from Moritsgarden. There is a festival bus bringing people back home that stops in Bjørkedal as well, so no problem to make a stop at the beertent.

Historical outdoor "spel", a kind of theater and musical, where the Stad Ocean is the backdrop of the scene. More than 200 people acting, and the feeling to be audience is special as the scene is the same nature where you are standing.

Vikingcamp, historical hike and a garden party extra, just to mention a few. The HerøySpel has been going on since 1992 in the island of Herøy, and is the biggest in our area, but we have many more as you will see under.

Ålesund is our nearest city and we like to say it is the only really beautiful city in Norway.

Most towns in Norway were built by wooden houses, and in 1904 the city of Ålesund burnt down to ashes. (Only one house was standing after that fire, "the miraclehouse" it is called, because a man sat in his prayers and God spared the house while all houses around it burnt down. Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany loved our coast and Ålesund so much, so he built up Ålesund from scratch in the art nouveau style, the jugend. The Jugendfestival is a tribute to the city, it is a cityfestival with music, food and happiness.

Ålesund also hosts the oldest food festival in Norway

Klippfisk has been and is still an important exportarticle - especially to Italy, Spain and Portugal. Try our Norwegian Bacalao, a recipe learnt from Portugal that we now consider one of our national foods.

As far west as you can get in Norway, on the island of Kinn with its monumental mountain Kinnaklova, you find one of the oldest churches in Norway. The stone church is from the 1100s, and nobody knows for sure who built it, and why on this island out on the ocean.

Old legends tell about holy men from the islands in the Irish Sea that settled here around the year 900.

Like the Herøyspel, this is another of many historic theaters and festivals taking part in our region as it is so rich in history. The Kinn Spel has a deep esoteric meaning.

For festivals around the year in Norway, check out the guide from VisitNorway

And we have a lot of more festivals and gatherings where Moritsgarden is the perfect base for exploring this part of Norwegian life and culture.

In Volda, 15 min drive from Bjørkedal, plus a ferry 15 min, there is an university Høgskulen i Volda.

With 4600 students, there are always a concert, an international day or some other gatherings where you will meet new people. Studenthuset Rokken has concerts almost every week, although not in summer.

This is the biggest winter extreme sport festival in Norway. With concerts, the extreme people and the cool philosophy of life

Volda also host an annual international animationfilmfestival in connection to the animation film studies in Volda. The festival is normally in September

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