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Keeping up traditions

Photo: Ola Einang

The project "Bjørkedalboat - construction and use" has received funds from from the coast association, KYSTEN and others. This project is happening in Bjørkedal, at our closest neighbours. In Jakobsgarden. And the project is governed by the University of Volda.

This autumn, the boatbuilders and students were in the olivine forests of Bjørkedal and at the sawmill. Blacksmithwork has also been on the agenda.

We had a harsh winter with lots of snow and temperatures staying for weeks at 10 below. This is not common here on the Northwestcoast. But the three boatbuilder brothers, Jakob, Ottar and Dag Inge, our neigbours in Jakobsgarden, have a well isolated factory. In the old times the boatbuilders would stay in open boatsheds, back then when we still had up to 30 one man factories scattered around the lake. The Jakobsgarden brothers and also Jakob Helset on the other side of the lake, are the ones bearing the unescolisted traditions today.

Photo: Tove A. Hjellnes

In Moritsgarden this spring we are bringing back to life and use the old boatshed where the grandfather once built his boats every winter as it happened on all the farms in Bjørkedal.

Be a part, make a difference. Always.

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