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Chanterelles in the morning

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Getting up early, the morning dew still covering the bright green and make you realize there are more to it than day and night. The morning owns its own season, as do the autumn of day, the evening.

Here in Bjørkedal you can still feal the four seasons of a døgn. Early morning and early night gives us the twilight zones. We celebrate that hour which in the old dialects was named skumring. And out of these grey and seemingly boring times of day are the most amazing gifts of earth given to us.

The forest show us the bright yellow chanterellas, and they call, almost scream in the blood for those persons that own the same antennas as they give out.

To get back into the kitchen before the others are awake, preparing a velvety omelette and experience the sun climb the mountains. All of a sudden the day is given. Moments that does something to your hormone system. Refresh. The rest is breakfast. Dont forget the toast and the coffee even if you are still in your dreamzone. To make others happy, to share your experience in a good surprise-meal. That is also what life is about

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