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The flow

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

You know that feeling, when everything goes your way. Right?

We often talk about it without giving it further notice. It is just a boat in our veins, a rush of adrenaline. Time seems to stop, but our brain is clear, and like a ninja warrior we see all details clear, our concentration is a crystal of light and we produce genious work like Nicolae Tesla, like Albert Einstein, we are on the universal grid of inspiration and wisdom.

Problem with this flow in todays society, is we stress it to get into us just for any reason at all.

It open up creativity but it does not happen the natural way.

By observing the nature, you understand that the secret of the flow, of levitation, is its opposite, it is the mystery of gravity.

The water running by nature, following the path that itself, the big water dug out.

The waterfalls remind us of the bubbles elevating in our mind when we let go and do not cling to nothing.

In Bjørkedal in the old forests, on the miles of trails, by the numerous waterfalls the nature will remind you your knowledge. This is what we like to call shamanism. It is the natural flow in you. Surrounding you.

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