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The old house with the fresh soul

It was always my knowing that the house I grew up in was not a family house. It was and it is a community house. My childhood there was all about neighbours, relatives and friends of my parents. People coming and going without notice, shared meals, long wotking days and dressed up women for the social gatherings .

After being rented out for several years, the house was again empty. As the owner of more than 400 year old walls, I know my responisbility.

I knew the time had come to fulfill the vision I had since childhood. A house for people coming and leaving and being together like a family, like a clan, as if we knew each other for all times, since all times.

Even though my ancestors lived in this same place since 1100th in a direct bloodline, I always needed to travel. I was a digital nomad as soon as the computers came to us. Before that I was just a nomad. There is something about the good loneliness sharing a house with strangers and still feel the familiarity.

My friends from Astropark in hungary stayed for three weeks this autumn. And slowly the air started to be vibrant inside the house, the colors started to shine, the house started to smile. In the biggest rain and starting with what we have, Tamas, Maria and Akos started to transform the house back to its original heart and soul.

We found wonderful wooden floors under old linoleum. This used to be my grandmothers livingroom, There are all together 8 bedrooms, but the ones on the top floor will only be opened in 2024. For common use there are twoo bathrooms, sauna, washing room, a country kitchen and a huge coworkingroom with 400 year old timber walls. Most bedrooms have woodfired ovens. The same in the lounge and the other common areas. The basement has one meter thick stone walls, and the old commonhouse is still intact, but now only for our houseguests - with a bar, two common rooms and two extra toilets.

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