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All and no reasons to go rural

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Nothing is like the vibrating life of big cities. Nothing like the comfy of your own bed, nothing like life without attachment. It is true.

But at the same time we are made up by the words we use, the stories we tell.

And yes, there is nothing like it. And to be in the familiar gives us a good feeling, so does the unfamiliar, as long as it feels save and gives us a rush of enjoyment.

In Bjørkedal you can explore the opposite truth

Nothing is like the countryside, nothing is like the stillness, nothing is like waking up un your new bed in Moritsgarden, looking out the window and see the cows grassing. Observing the roots of bygone times still around us.

Nothing is true, and all.

The life and the exploring is part of how we hold on to the gift.

The trick of life is to make it look simple.

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