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Coliving in Medieval Heritage

The idea

Moritsgarden is a place for Digital Nomads who appreciate spectacular nature.  1000 years of history and culture still alive.  A large farmhouse dating back  to 16o8 and your private room with high-speed internet, good office facilities, and good vibes. The idea is that your stay here will make an impact and an inspiration to our little spot on earth.

Bjørkedal lake
old farmhouse up in the mountains. Solitude, peace
plant dyed yarn rural life


The history of a small village on the west coast of Norway

 Famous for its boatbuilders, the protected olivine woods and amazing beauty.  This small and proud village is no longer at its peak, but the nature and the history is a reason to invite new eyes to get us going.

Vikingships from Bjørkedal



Visit our old log-cabin up in the mountains

influencers and digital nomads enjoy oritsgarden Coliving
influencer sarah Mordelt

Moritsgarden offering slow breath and fast net

Facilitator of all good things


    How about going to the next level of possibilities in your digital nomad life.  We know by experience that after months and years on movement, it gets in your blood.  The travel, the wind in the sails.  The nomadic life is our ancient heritage.  We might be lonely wolfs, but we also need the tribe, the flock.

As humans, as nomads we are different personalities.  Some are more social than the rest of us who travel for the love of lone-ness.  But we all need the feeling of humans around us from time to time.  In Moritsgarden you have enough space to breathe inside a genuine society.  

Kayak on the Bjørkedal lake


  • Sunnmøre, western Norway

  • Population: 100 -ish

  • Nearest town: Nordfjordeid (15 min drive)

  • Climate: snow in winter, often mild due to the gulf stream. Summers can be rainy, but when sunshine oh my God.

  • Experience: Norwegian coast culture


  • High speed 500/500 fibre optic internet in all rooms and all common areas

  • Comfortable desks and chairs

  • Extern monitors and workstation kits

  • Flexible indoor and outdoor coworking spaces

  • 24/7 access​


  • Spacious private rooms

  • Shared bathrooms

  • Lounge and plenty of private spaces

  • Coworking, cocreating space

  • Bed linens and towels

  • Washer and dryer. Dishwasher and large country kitchen.


food basics


  • Swim in the lake

  • Sun loungers for those special days

  • Spend a summers night in the huge medieval tent or one of our lavvos by the lake

  • Patio and wonderful garden with fruit, vegetables and berries​

  • Tea and coffee. Coffee machine with grinder.  Big selection of herbal teas, rooibush, black and green teas in loose.

  • Twice a week is free shopping trips to Nordfjordeid.  The group shops individually and for common dinners.​

  • Soda Streamers. But our cold fresh mountain water is so good in itself you will be hooked.

  • Skill-sharing

  • Kayaking, trekking, mountainclimbing, fishing.

  • Vision quest in the Mountain Lodge

  • Preparing and enjoying our community dinners

  • Timetravel and rural meditation

  • Get to know your neighbours. Have a chat with Arve in his ceramic study, meet Margit in the fields harvesting plants for medicine and cloths dyeing - or go see Jakob making his wooden boats.​


sustainable is not a new fashion-word for us, it is our life and our traditions

the north west cost of norway to explore


Bjørkedalseidet 8, 6120 Folkestad


Thank you for reaching out. You will hear from us soon.


That place where your creative mind finally start flying

 700 Euro/month in private, single room


The life of Digital Nomads can be the life of the spoilt upper-class youngster.  It can be a digital genius who spot a possibility to grab what life gives him of possibilities and sees the responsibility to explore life.  It can be a person who desperately seeks freedom and decides to use digital equipment because that is the only key to.  We love you all, because you dare to go into the unknown, and also we love the new way of thinking that is emerging, 

904327_639457259402929_1194790033_o-  crop_edited.jpg


To help rural villages survive, the future is not to make people move there permanently. We need the intelligence, we need initiative, we need inspiration and knowledge of those who have decided to make life into an adventure of exploration, happiness and possibilities.  You can give so much back just by visiting a village for a month or two. And you win more than a hundred yoga lessons. Nature, the calm attitude in our blood and our deep and simple wisdom is your gift back.

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