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Networking in Serbia - Sonta coliving

Those decisions we make. To go places, to get in touch with people. I just had one of those totally relaxing and back to earth experiences in Serbia. Remember those moments in your childhood, where the nature is calm and the air is thick, visible and filled with the same information as you, as the trees, the earth.

Никола Добријевић, Nicola in english, and a little bit easier to pronounce. That one man and a dream. 8 years ago he started a theatre group for young people in Sonta. Today the ensemble is big thanks to those children who were then 11 years old. It is not only about coliving and coworking, it is about those places on earth that needs activity to stay alive. One year ago Nicola found that wonderful estate for sale in the same village where he started out like a local language teacher. "This house was made for coliving. It is so strange," he says. "As if those who built it had the same thinking as me."

A huge garden with all kind of fruit trees. Here in the plum garden - in deep conversation about rural life, and the future of small villages.

Hosting events this autumn, the Sonta Coliving will first open officially in may next year. But already people like me and more starts to find this place. So if you want to experience something special before the real coliving starts, go to Sonta now to have the time of your life. Nicola take in individual guests already, so just make him a note and you are in the middle of the Serbian village life before everybody else. And PS, his fish paprikas made on fire is a reason to come alone. Not to mention the wine and the raki he makes.

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